Made from 100% organic potatos that allow to meet the requirements of color and texture while keeping all its nutritional properties. The harvested potatos are subjected to the processes of: brushing, pre-selection, washing, peeling, selection, cut into 9.52 x 9.5 mm sticks, blanched, cooled, drained, flash-frozen and packed.


1. Free From Artificial Preservatives
Processed foods are full of salt in order to preserve it for longer. Sodium is also included in processed foods to enhance color and help bind ingredients. Frozen food, on the other hand, does not require preservatives; it’s just being frozen in time until you are hungry.

2. Freshness
Just because you buy fruit and vegetables doesn’t mean they’re fresh. Many supermarket fruit and vegetables are stored for weeks, and with research stating a clear link between storage and vitamin loss, you may be losing out. On the other hand, Frozen vegetables get picked, washed and blanched within the hour, locking in all the goodness that you should be getting from your groceries.

3. Less Waste
We live in a society of wasters. According to research, seven in 10 households will regularly throw away up to 20 items of fresh or chilled food straight into the bin every month. Not only is it a complete waste of good food but think of how much money you are wasting. Frozen food is measured and it’s easy to keep and use. Cook what you need and save the rest.

We harvest the potatoes at the optimum moment of maturity. They are only bleached and flash frozen, nothing that affects its nature and ability to maintain their original flavor.
Taste and texture of homemade potatoes: An authentic homemade potato with practicality when cooking them.


Oven: cook for 40/45 minutes until desired golden crisp color is reached, let cool down for a few minutes, then enjoy the taste of homemade french fries.

Fryer: Preferably with High Oleic Sunflower Oil * PASTO * to obtain a true natural flavor and without additives, fry for 3 minutes at 185C (365F), or until the golden color of your choice is reached, do not overload fryer for an even frying of the potatoes.

  • Carbohydrates 13 g.
  • Protein 2.7 g.
  • Total fat 0 g.
  • Saturated fat 0g.
  • Trans fat 0 g.
  • Dietary fiber 1.6 g
  • Sodium 12 mg
  • Calories per 100 g 62 Kcal= 260 kJ.

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